He runs his hands through his hair when he's frustrated. This was also his motive for sparing the Master's life, against the protests of his companions and his own better judgment (, To Jenny, a daughter-clone harvested from his cells in "The Doctor's Daughter". One of the Time Daleks suggests removing her head for stronger processing, but Dalek Ahn refuses, destroying another Dalek when it questions his logic. Terminus. He gets into an argument with Sarah Jane over the irresponsibility of putting a Time Lord at the mercy of modern Earth medicine, but before it can be resolved, Romana steps out, apparently recovered and quite well, a thoroughly embarrassed Grace Holloway behind her. The Tenth Doctor expresses his appreciation for his Fourth incarnation. The Fourth Doctor leads the Daleks on a merry chase down into the Temporal Engineering section. The Doctor has a long list of friends and companions who have shared journeys along … The Second Doctor arrives, seemingly already understanding the situation, accompanied by Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot. The Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 leave, but not before Romana lets slip about an alien presence at the hospital on Earth. The Doctor learns that he has been acting as the champion of the Black Guardian. Meanwhile, the Renegade Daleks are faced with the same problem. The doors open behind him revealing a white void. The Sixth Doctor attempts to prevent the Daleks from reengaging the fighter by pulling a final desperate ace from his brightly coloured sleeve. Some of the Doctor's previous incarnations are skeptical of the setup, while others are genuinely proud of their future ingenuity. As the Ninth and Tenth Doctors run back to their TARDISes, the Tenth asks the Ninth how he knew where to find him and what was going on. The Ninth Doctor, however, loses it and tries to get the Brigadier to destroy the travesty before them. After a bit more bickering between Rose and Ace, Peri discovers something useful: an internal communication system, that with a bit of tinkering by Romana, will enable her to get in contact with the control room. The Second Doctor primes the system and the Tegan and Peri continue on their mission to find a way out and get help. At his worst, the Doctor deemed himself — and. Since the Daleks are struggling to destroy eachother as well as theirattackers, the advantage goes to the Federation forces. The Doctors confront and are about to destroy Dalek Ahn when the Eighth Doctor makes an appeal, explaining who he is and that he deserves at least a chance at survival. He later accepts her as his "daughter" later in the episode, especially when she "dies". An argument breaks out in the assembly, but is stopped when an uninvited Sontaran warrior arrives. Meanwhile, the Eighth Doctor has gone to his home planet, Gallifrey, ostensibly to have his TARDIS checked over by the real experts, but also to catch up with the latest President of the High Council. The Eighth Doctor offers to take Nyssa and Grace back to Terminus as well as drop off the new K9 body the Doctors built for Leela. Mistaking the Sontarans as surprise allies hoping to gain the lion's share of the glory, the Draconian Ambassador and the Ice Warrior general move to greet them as befits their honour and station. Worse yet, she's a soldier, making her doubly devilish in Ten's eyes. Sabalom Glitz arrives on the Imperial Dalek flagship with a precious cargo for Davros. Unlike the happy reunion with the Fifth Doctor, this incarnation is from a less-innocent era. The Tenth Doctor pops onto the surface of Gallifrey for one last sniff of the One of the Daleks approaches Leela and speaks her name. Moreover, when they, In regards to being the second Doctor of an era, the handsome, lady-killing Ten comes across as, Then again, the "wibbly-wobbly" thing may or may not come from, The very knowledge that he was the Doctor was enough to make the entire Cult of Skaro back up in fear. He discovers that the Fourth Doctor was probably killed in the air ducts and did not escape, and so alters his plan to deal with the Daleks believing that he too will die when the Fourth Doctor's timeline catches up with him. This shakes the confidence of all the other companions and the First Doctor goes into a rage. Then, combined into one mighty Doctor, they face off against the Dalek conditioning. The Second Doctor deduces that the Celestial Toymaker could not be behind all of what has gone on, he simply has not got that kind of power. If the Second Doctor gets killed, what will happen to the Third through Tenth? They inform him that their appearances are selected to suit the needs of their intended contacts. Zoe steps out to see where they have landed and comes face to face with an army of companions, including the Brigadier and Jamie. The Tenth Doctor transmits the information, but something the Eighth Doctor said to him seems to have sunk in. The Fourth Doctor is unimpressed. The Doctor confronts the Dalek conditioning, but starts to lose coordination between the various personae in his psyche. One of the first things he does after regenerating is overthrow Harriet Jones, changing history to screw Britain out of its promised "Golden Age" and leading directly to the ascension of Prime Ministers, Possibly due to holding back his regeneration for so long in order to say goodbye, he suffers a particularly violent regeneration that nearly destroys the TARDIS and damages the sonic screwdriver. She uses the unbelievable truth to distract her from the facts. While the Supreme Dalek's ship plummets to the Earth’s surface, out of control, the Sixth Doctor and Maxil argue about the Keeper's plan. The Master introduces the Third and Fifth Doctors to the mastermind of the battle planning committee, none other than the War Chief. The Tenth Doctor's mind tries to reach back, but the conditioning is strong. you know that things are getting serious. The Tenth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who. They attempt to find a way out and nearly run into a group of Cybermen who are about to awaken the still-dormant Silurians who have been outfitted with cybercontrol Omega goes into a rage and turns on the Second and a Half Doctor, who chucks a matter cricket ball into the gateway to Omega’s antimatter universe. The door opens and there stands a partially dressed Tenth Doctor, who announces that he is in the clear. Leela discovers that this Dalek is one of her own children. It is the Third Doctor's turn to round up his passengers, and he's got quite a boatload. Top 10 Doctor Who Quotes From the inspirational to the unforgettable. The Daleks, delighted to have their confusion addressed with reasonable explanations that suit their unique view of the universe, settle down to some comforting obeying of orders. Susan asks the Second and a Half Doctor how her grandfather is doing and he tells them all that they are not to disturb the Doctors for any reason. The Valeyard commands the Time Daleks to exterminate Leela, but they remain silent and still. The Tenth Doctor is alone on the Eye of Orion. He automatically suspects that something big is on the way. Meanwhile the Fourth Doctor gets ‘buzzed’ by a passing 1-man fighter. After a tense moment, they do. Just as the TARDIS pops and fizzes and gives up the ghost, another TARDIS materializes INSIDE (around) it, and several people rush out to rescue him. And so the Doctors begin to go their seperate ways. The Cybermen discuss the logical problem of forcefully determining the identity of the new arrival, who turns out to be the Ninth Doctor. Or will he? This ends up severely screwing over his next incarnation. Unexpectedly, he meets up with his previous incarnation, the Ninth Doctor, and … The First and Ninth Doctors, along with all the companions, arrive on Gallifrey in Drax's TARDIS. The Doctor is an alien Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey who travels through all of time and space in the TARDIS. Mel screams. Releasing one of her ship’s many thrusters, it slams into the Master's fighter and destroys it. She finds the Daleks chasing the Doctor and runs off after them, hoping to catch up before the Doctor simply eliminates what remains of some of her children. The Sontarans decide to attack the leader of the retreating Dalek faction, and just as the Sixth Doctor senses that his plans are falling apart, things get worse with the arrival of Commander Maxil. The Ninth takes him down in Drax's TARDIS and shows him the rebuilt, modified Time/Space Visualizer that the Doctor had abandoned long ago. A well placed shot cuts off the Sixth Doctor's attempt to find a way to repair the damaged conduit that will restore control to the Dalek ship. The Eleventh Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who.He is played by Matt Smith in three series as well as five specials. Whatever it is. Doctor does not have it in him to let Rose die. backblast from the explosion, the Toymaker is forced to close the gate, trapping Omega in his little neutral-verse. He also notes the takeover of the Sixth Doctor on the black Daleks. That tongue-on-the-roof-of-his-mouth thing he does all the time. While being led to their holding areas, the Fourth and Ninth Doctors co-ordinate their efforts and make a daring escape. than Dalek Tor, of course, who he has already met. Omega tells the Doctor that his buying time will gain him nothing, since while he is idling, he is not interfering and Omega will destroy him and the Time Lords. On iPlayer. K9 and Sarah Jane discover a trapdoor to an underground level of the warehouse where they find the Cybermen have set up base. blend of incarnations Two and Three. Dalek Tor then forces them to surrender by threatening Susan and the rest of the Doctor's companions. Just as the Ninth Doctor is about to take care of things, Dalek Ahn finds itself free enough to make an Emergency Temporal Shift, and escapes. The Eighth Doctor asks Benton about his career as a used car salesman, it was a cover for when he was doing some secret work with America for UNIT, and Liz finally asks the big question. Add to Cart. The Second Doctor's questioning of the Rani turns up a defensive reply. The Tenth Doctor arrives at the Eye of Orion, only to be joined by all but one of his previous incarnations. Only Donna proved saucy enough to stand up to him ("The Fires of Pompeii"). Where is the missing Doctor, and who brought them all together? Meanwhile, Maxil is revived for a special mission. gunstick off. Following the previous multi-Doctor encounter, Jo has no problem quickly accepting that these are all different Doctors.